About PDF editing features

Most of the following editing options relate to Searchable PDF or Normal PDF files. When you open an image-only PDF file in Power PDF, or a file with image-only pages, the program can auto-detect it and prompt you to select conversion choices:

  • Searchable PDF: Keep the original page images so the appearance is conserved, but add a searchable text layer.

  • Normal PDF: Discard the original page images.

  • PDF Form: Run Form Typer to create active form controls.

  • PDF file: Keep PDF file as is.

By default, auto-detection is turned off. Go to File > Options > Document > Searchable PDF Documents to enable auto-detection by clearing the "Do not look for image-only pages automatically" check mark. You can also define choices for conversions to searchable PDF (OCR language, reject symbol, image handling and detection instructions).

To perform editing actions that modify the content of a PDF document in any way, use initial view settings or select a different page display option, zoom in or out, rotate a page, display a grid to arrange different objects, use different methods to browse to a certain page, edit the page contents, or insert, delete, crop, copy, move, or extract pages.

You can start a co-editing meeting to share your document on the local network with other Power PDF users.

View and/or modify document properties, work with page thumbnails, compare two versions or revisions of a document, split a document into several segments or extract specified parts from it, define the required page arrangement for a printing house, define or modify a bookmark structure, or create a Table of Contents based on bookmarks.

Work with 3D graphics, add movie and sound files to replay, make use of the opportunity to listen to defined parts of PDF documents.

Use enhanced search options, including from the Windows Desktop and indexing options.

Work with forms: create forms, create and edit their fields, move, align, fill them, use form controls, or prepare them for distribution.

Use annotation and markup options: links, notes, text boxes, clip art, markup and drawing tools, stamps; attach text files or sound files as notes, or print documents with comments.

Protect your PDF documents with different security options.

Save a set of PDF files to a package using Create Assistant, or save a set of files to a PDF Portfolio using Power PDF. Packages contain only PDF files in a single hierarchy; non-PDF files are converted to PDF to enter the package. Files of any type can be added to a portfolio; their file types are retained and they can be arranged in a folder hierarchy.