Destination Controls

The Destination area at the bottom of the PDF Settings panel of the Kofax PDF Create Properties dialog box provides controls that specify how to save PDF files and how to send PDF files as e-mail attachments.

Naming Method
Select a naming method from the menu:
  • Query the file name: During printing, PDF Create will display the Save As dialog box in which you can enter a target file name. This is the default setting.

  • Specify file name below: Select this method to enter a full file directory path in the PDF Pathname field.

  • Save in named folder; prompt file name: Select this method to create a PDF file in the directory specified in the PDF pathname field. The program prompts you to enter the file name during printing. The directory is created if necessary.

  • Save in named folder; auto-name file: Depending on the application, this method tells the program to generate the PDF file name automatically and store the file in the directory specified in the Pathname field. If no directory path is available, the file is stored in a folder named Output, under the Power PDF installation folder.

  • Mail result only, do not save the file: Select this method to create a PDF file and attach it to a new email message. The file will not exist elsewhere on your system.

  • Save to DMS: This option provides access to Cloud storage sites. DMS access relates only to the Advanced version. Select this method to save the resulting PDF file to the Cloud or to an available Document Management System. The item is optional and available only if the client software of the DMS is properly installed on the client machine. For information on DMS support, refer to the System Requirements topic.

PDF Name or Folder
Enter the target location here. Power PDF saves files to this location and/or name unless you Query the file name.
If File Exists
Select one of following options to resolve a file name conflict:
  • Show Warning Dialog: The program displays a warning dialog box. Click Cancel to terminate the operation without saving anything.

  • Replace existing file: The new PDF document replaces the existing file.

  • Add trailing number to file name: The new PDF file name uses the target file name followed by a sequential number.

  • Insert at start of existing file: The new PDF pages are inserted at the beginning of the existing file.

  • Append to existing file: The new PDF pages are inserted at the end of the existing file.

  • Overlay with existing PDF: The new PDF is overlaid with the existing file. Click the Overlay button to control how the overlay should be performed.

Send Mail
Check this setting to attach your PDF file to a new e-mail message. If you do not want to save the PDF file, you should also select the Mail result only, do not save the file setting above.

Note A subset of the settings is accessible from PDF Create Assistant when you click the button Saving. See Destination Settings.