Create PDF files using the Print command

To create PDF using the Print command in print-capable applications proceed with the following steps.

Tip When starting from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you may prefer to use a direct connection to PDF Create rather than the Print command, since this supports profiles, and allows transfer of comments, links, bookmarks and metadata.

  1. Create a new document or open an existing document in any print-capable Windows application.
  2. Click File > Print.
    Note When the Print command is chosen from the File menu of Power PDF, the button Imposition allows you to prepare the current PDF document for submission to a printing house.

    The Print dialog box appears.

  3. Select Kofax PDF as your active printer.
  4. Click Printer Properties (or Preferences in some applications) if you wish to modify settings.
  5. Specify printing options, either for the current file or as preferences for future use.

    Your printing options may differ, depending on the settings you specify for the Kofax PDF driver, as described in PDF Create Properties. To set options only for the current PDF creation session click the Properties button. To set preferences for all future PDF creation, go to the Windows Start menu, select Devices and Printers, select the printer Kofax PDF, right-click and select Printing Preferences.

  6. Click OK.
  7. Accept or change the default target folder and file name in the Save As dialog box.
  8. To add metadata manually, select Document Settings, and click Edit.

    Edit basic metadata information or add custom values as you prefer in the Document Information page on the Document Settings dialog box.

    See Document Properties dialog box for details.

  9. Select View resulting PDF in the Save As dialog box to have the PDF document displayed automatically.
  10. Click Save.