Packaging files into one PDF

You can assemble a group of related files into a PDF package, making them easier to send and share. PDF files can be placed directly into a package; files with other formats will be converted to PDF and added. The package file, the container PDF of the assembled documents, can be generated from the first element of the file list or from a predefined template. This template or file is also called a Cover Page or Cover Sheet.

A custom cover sheet might contain information about the content of the package, the purpose of the collection or other information about the package creation or on viewing and unpacking it.

The benefits of PDF packages:

  • A PDF package can be created from a wide variety of file types.

  • You can organize related files for easier viewing and printing.

  • You can send multiple files conveniently by e-mail.

You can start packaging in the following ways:

  • From Create Assistant: Start the Assistant with a right-click on the Power PDF icon in the taskbar or from the Windows Start Menu. See further details below how to group files into a PDF package.

  • From mailing applications. See details in Creating a Package from Outlook Items.

To group files into a PDF package in Convert Assistant proceed with the following steps.

  1. Use drag and drop or click Add (Add icon) to build a file list in the Create PDF dialog box.

    The assemble drop-down list box (below the list) should already display Create a PDF for each input document.

  2. In the Assemble selection box, select Package files into one PDF document.
  3. Click Options to select which cover page to use, or the first listed file.
    • Create Assistant template
    • Use the first file
  4. Select a profile in the profile list box (the one below) and click Profiles. Modify settings as preferred.
  5. Start PDF Creation icon Click the Start Creation tool.
  • If the file list contains only PDF files, these will be transmitted into a PDF package.
  • If the file list contains files of different file types, PDF files will be created and transmitted into the package.

Secure Delivery icon
In Power PDF, select Security > Security > Secure Delivery to add security to a package: select an envelope, include the package file with other attachments and specify encryption and signature protection. See Secure Delivery for details.
Note Power PDF also lets you create portfolios. These are similar to packages, but the collected files retain their original file types and can be arranged in a folder structure. Packages can be placed into portfolios.

For more information, see Handling Packages.