Header & Footer tab

The Header & Footer tab appears in Advanced Edit mode, as you add or edit a header or a footer. To add a header or a footer, go to Insert > Headers and Footers, then click Header or Footer and then select Edit Header or Edit Footer.

Navigation group

Use the Navigation group to navigate through document sections or switch between headers or footers:

  • Go to Header: Switch to the document header.

  • Go to Footer: Switch to the document footer.

  • Previous Section: Move to the previous section in the document.

  • Next Section: Move to the next section in the document.

  • Link to Previous: Copy the header or footer from the previous section into the current sectin.

Options group

Use these options to manage headers and footers:

  • Different First Page: Click to have the first page of the section use a different header/footer setting than subsequent pages.

  • Different Odd & Even Pages: Click to use different headers/footers for even-numbered pages and odd-numbered pages.

Position group

Manage header/footer positions:

  • Header from Top: Specify the distance between the header and the top of the page.

  • Footer from Bottom: Specify the distance between the footer and the bottom of the page.

Close group

Click Close Headers and Footers to exit the Header & Footer tab.