Document Settings

Access the Document Settings dialog box from the PDF Settings panel in the Kofax PDF Create Properties dialog box, or from the Save As dialog box if PDF creation is started from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Use the Open Option tab to define:

  • How the resulting PDF is displayed in a PDF Viewer, such as which page to display as the initial page, how to arrange pages, and more.

  • How the PDF Viewer should appear, such as the display of the page title, menu bar, or toolbars.

Use the Document Information tab to add:

An alternative to entering document information here is to select Embed Metadata in the Advanced Settings panel of the Kofax PDF Settings dialog boxes for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. That transfers the document information already stored in the source document to the PDF. Any data category not supported by the PDF Document Information structure is added as a custom field. Data transferred in this way overrides any data entered under Document Settings.