Patterns and masks

If you select Looks Like Search Pattern in the relevant Search dialog box, you can select from the following pattern types:

Social Security numbers
For the US, the pattern is nine consecutive digits, or the same digits with punctuation separators: nnn-nn-nnnn. Patterns for several countries are offered; select an entry to see the pattern for the selected country.
Phone numbers
Phone number patterns exist for many countries. They are flexible: with or without area and country codes; area codes in brackets are accepted.
Credit card numbers
The pattern consists of 16 consecutive digits, or four groups of four digits with punctuation separators.
E-mail addresses
This pattern looks for the ampersand with characters before and after, and typical domain names such as .com, .net, and .org.
This pattern accepts a wide variety of date formats in different orders, with items as numbers or words, with varied punctuation.

For more information, see Search by patterns and masks, and Search in multiple documents.