Invite meeting members and start the collaboration

This dialog box is called from the Collaboration Panel.

The LAN Collaboration dialog box provides controls to select partners for co-editing and to set up the security parameters for the meeting.

Important Now meeting partners should have Power PDF up and running to get the invitation.

Perform the following steps to set up an editing meeting:

  1. Click Refresh to populate the list of available Power PDF users on the local network, if the list is empty or deficient.
  2. Select the partners to invite to the meeting.
  3. If security options are not visible, then click Security setup to extend the dialog box.
  4. Select Access Code to require partners to enter a password when joining the session.
  5. Select a Security Option:
    • Select the Normal option to let meeting members save the co-edited document at the end of the session.

    • Select the Secure option to prevent meeting members from saving the co-edited document.

      Important By selecting secure, security settings for this document will be lost.

  6. Click Start to initiate the co-editing meeting.

Meeting members receive a confirmation dialog at the start of the meeting with the following message:

  • <Nickname> has invited you to co-edit the document "<Documentname>".

The file name in the confirmation message is built upon the name of the shared document, with _Collaboration.pdf appended to the end.

Partners can join by confirming the message. Power PDF asks for Access Code if it was required by the meeting owner.

For more information, see Collaboration panel.