Perimeter Tool

Perimeter Tool icon

Select Edit > Tools > Measure > Perimeter Tool to open the Perimeter Tool floating window. First select options in the Settings and Markup panels, and then draw a set of lines or a closed shape over a PDF object whose perimeter you want to measure. See Measure perimeter of a polygon or connected lines for details.

View tab

The View tab displays the current value of the measurement and the cursor location.


  • Distance: As you draw the current section of a set of lines, the length is displayed dynamically.

  • Angle: Shows the angle of the first line section related to the X axis; for subsequent line sections, it shows the angle relative to the previous section. No signs or directions of rotation are considered.

  • Perimeter: The total length of the line set is dynamically displayed as you draw. If you use a shortcut menu to complete drawing with an open shape, the total line set length is shown. If you double-click to form a polygon, its perimeter is shown.

Cursor Location:

  • X: The X coordinate of the cursor position relative to the top left page corner.

  • Y: The Y coordinate of the cursor position relative to the top left page corner.

No signs are considered.

Markup tab

Use the Markup tab settings to preserve measurement values in comments.

  • Use Markup: Store the current and future measurements with your PDF document; otherwise, all results are discarded as soon as you start a new measurement. In the text field, type the text to display in a pop-up comment window when you hover the cursor over any line in the shape.

  • Measuring Color: Set the color for measuring lines.