Edit tab

Use the Edit tab to access tools and settings for modifying PDF documents.

Tip To find tools in other tabs, see Ribbon, tabs and panels or use the Find a Tool function at the top right.

Convert group

Advanced Editor icon

Advanced Editor: Transform the current PDF to a format that allows editing, marking up and reviewing of document content as in word processor programs. Before working, check document appearance, especially for text flow, formatting and character spacing; conversion to this mode may alter the document. If conversion does not produce the desired results, close the document without saving it so you return to its previous PDF View state. Alternatives to Advanced Editing are to use the Typewriter or Text Box tools. When advanced edits are complete, select Close and confirm with Finalize.

Basic group

Undo and Redo icons Undo and Redo: Undo recent actions, or reverse recent undo actions. A few commands (like redaction and document flattening) cannot be undone.

Delete icon Delete: Remove selectable items, such as drawing objects or text in a normal or a form text box. You cannot use this tool to delete text selected on the actual PDF page, which requires the use of the Edit Object tool on pages with a text layer.

Select icons Select Area, Select All and Deselect All: Select an area to copy it the Clipboard, create a stamp from it, transform it to a hyperlink, export it to an editable format or declare it a table using the shortcut menu. Select All selects all text and objects on the current page of a Normal PDF when the current view (set at View > Scroll Options) is Single Page. In other cases, it selects all text and objects in the document. With image-only PDFs, it selects the entire current page. Deselect All removes the current selection.

Clipboard group

Clipboard icons Cut, Copy, Pate: Cut or copy the selected content to the Clipboard, or paste Clipboard content into the current PDF.

Modify group

Crop icon Crop: Reduce the size of the current or selected or all pages, or specify a page range; define the new crop page size by drag-and-drop or by numerical values.

Edit Text icon Edit Text: Select text blocks to modify them. Text blocks cannot be selected in image-only PDF pages. Double-clicking in a text block allows the text to be modified. The shortcut menu of a selected text offers additional commands. For details see Editing Text with the Edit Text Tool and Text Format tab.

Edit Objects icon Edit Objects: Select pictures or text blocks to modify. Your image editor can be defined at File > Options > Edit Object. Text blocks cannot be selected in image-only PDF pages. Double-clicking in a text block allows the text to be modified. The shortcut menu and a floating toolbar of a selected object or text offer many more commands.

Typewriter icon Typewriter: Add text to any free place on a PDF page and define properties to be applied. Typewriter text becomes an integral part of the PDF at saving time.

Insert group

Headers and Footers icon Headers and Footers: Add, update or remove headers and footers. Adding can be done to multiple documents. Updating and removing apply only to the current document. In Power PDF Advanced, headers or footers may include Bates numbering.

Bates Numbering icon Bates Numbering: In Power PDF Advanced, use this option to add or remove Bates numbering, a system used mainly in legal circles to ensure that all pages in all documents relating to a particular case or topic have unique page identifiers. These identifiers appear in the Header or Footer areas of the pages.

Link icon Link: Add a hyperlink to a page area to define the link appearance; or link an action to open a file, go to a web location, or go to another location in the document.

Movie, sound and 3D object icons Movie, Sound, 3D object: Insert these elements to a defined location on the PDF page.

Tools group

Alignment icon Alignment: Display or hide grids, rulers and guides, and set Snap to Grid to automatically align moved objects. Toggle line display between original and schematic weight by selecting or clearing the check mark for Line Weights.

Measure icon Measure: Determine distances, perimeters and areas of two-dimensional figures on the PDF page. A separate tool in the 3D-object toolbar allows 3D objects to be measured.

JavaScript icon JavaScript: Define actions perform through use of Javascript. JavaScript can be temporarily enabled or disabled in the program under File > Options > JavaScript. See Preferences Overview.