Direct Conversion

Direct conversion means that the conversion process from a PDF file to editable formats is started with one click from an integrated program using the current settings.

  • Open PDF/XPS icon Use the Open PDF/XPS tool in the Kofax PDF tab of Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint and Outlook to start a direct conversion.

    Note In Outlook, the tool becomes available only when a message with at least one PDF or XPS attachment is opened.

  • In Excel, the direct conversion always uses Form as processing mode, in PowerPoint it is always Standard Document mode.

Conversion Settings icon In Word, click the Conversion Settings tool to set a preference: select to use Convert Assistant, or select a direct conversion mode: Standard Document, Form or Spreadsheet (the latter transfers table data as one or more tables). Each time you ask for a conversion, this preference will be used.

In Microsoft Word, you can also use the File > Open menu item and select PDF or XPS as file type.

From Windows Explorer, use the shortcut menu item Convert PDF/XPS and select a target and conversion method.

About selecting processing mode and output format

This is different in the three kinds of integrated programs.

You can select the processing mode and the output format (target application) when you start the converting process from:

Windows Explorer

Use the PDF file context menu.

Microsoft Outlook

Conversion Settings icon In Outlook, click the settings button to call the Settings dialog box; go to the PDF Conversion Settings tab.

Microsoft Word

Conversion Settings icon Click the PDF Settings button in the Kofax PDF tab to display the PDF Converter Settings dialog box. Its setting applies to all direct conversions into Word.

Note Direct conversion always uses the currently selected processing options and output options. If you want to check or change these options, you have to open Convert Assistant and make the necessary changes.