About measurements

You can measure real screen dimensions or specify a scale for use with scaled figures or drawings, such as architectural blueprints or maps.

We also provide tools for measuring 3D objects.

Measure icon Use the Measure tools at Edit > Tools > Measuring and select Distance tool, Perimeter tool, or Area tool from the drop-down list. This provides a drawing cursor and opens a dialog box that applies to all three tools.

  • View panel: Display measurement results dynamically as you move the cursor.

  • Settings panel: Set the scale and measurement unit to be used, snap settings and more.

  • Markup panel: Enable or disable placement of the measurement result into a note linked to the measured object. This allows the result to be copied and pasted to other applications. In other words, you select between a temporary or permanent display of measurements.

    Note If you enable markup, then you need to set the length of the extension lines by moving the mouse pointer, in an additional step at the end of the measurement process.