Send to fax via e-mail

Modern fax machines can transmit the content of a PDF file delivered to them as an attachment to an e-mail message.

Configure fax via e-mail

  1. Select File > Options > General > Fax via e-mail.
  2. Specify an attachment format:
    • PDF

    • TIFF B&W (G4)

    • TIFF B&W (G3)

  3. Click the Format button to start the Format Address dialog box and compile the settings for access to the sending fax machine.

    One entry commands the addition of a cover sheet, the other sends only the message and attachment. Options in the list on the right are used for fax sending. Use the Add and Remove to move options between the two lists, or click Modify to make adjustments. The required syntax varies, depending on the fax protocol being used—see below. Click OK to close.

  4. Select Remember recipients to select existing entries from a drop-down list whenever you send a fax.
  5. Click OK to apply your settings.

When using the MAPI protocol, the syntax is [FAX:name@number]. When using Exchange Web Service (EWS), the syntax is name@number. EWS adds the brackets and FAX. For other protocols please refer to the related documentation.

Fax a file via e-mail

  1. Open the PDF file to send, and click File > Share > Fax via e-mail.
  2. Specify the First Name, Last Name, and Fax Number of the recipient.
    IfRemember recipients is set as a preference, you can select this information from a list.
  3. Optionally select Attach cover page.
  4. Click Send to generate the fax via e-mail message, which is displayed in the default e-mail client. It has the transmitting fax address as recipient and the PDF file attached. Add a covering message if desired and send the message.