Table of contents settings

To display the Table of Contents Settings dialog box, open the Bookmarks panel:

Bookmarks icon To create a Table of Contents (TOC), you must have at least one bookmark.

Options icon Click Options and select Create Table of Contents or Export Table of Contents. Both access the Table of Contents Settings dialog box with two tabs: Contents and Content Page.

Contents tab

Display Levels: Select a number to specify how many subtitle levels to display. The higher the number, the more detailed the bookmark hierarchy will be. The bookmark hierarchy defines the Table of Contents (TOC) hierarchy.

Symbol Line: Select None, or one of the predefined symbol lines. The symbol line appears between the TOC text and the page number. The option is unavailable if the Page number and / or the Page number right-align check boxes are not selected.

Page number: Display page numbers in the TOC.

Page number right-align: Right-align the page number.

Format: Select a predefined or custom TOC format from the list. To customize your TOC, select Custom and click Edit.

Edit: Display the Style dialog box. After selecting the font type, size and color, click Save as and name your style in the Save As Format dialog box. The newly created style appears in the Format list.

Remove: Delete the selected format. Only custom formats can be deleted.

Content Page tab

Content Title: By default, the title is Table of Contents, which you can modify.

Appearance: Display the Content Title dialog box to select the font type, size and color for the title.

Size: Select a predefined paper size for the TOC, or select Custom. For Custom, you can define width and height in the selected measurement unit (points, inches or millimeters). Fractions are allowed. The Unit, Width and Height boxes appear only if the Custom size is selected.

Orientation: Select Portrait or Landscape.

Add to: Enter a number in the box. This defines the place of the TOC within the PDF file depending on the Position setting (before or after).

Position: Select Before or After.


If 1 is displayed in the Add to box with Before in the Position box, the TOC is inserted at the beginning of the document.

To display the TOC on the last page of an 8-page document, 8 should be the value in the Add to box and After should be selected in the Position box.

Clicking OK

When you select to Create a TOC, clicking OK causes the Table of Contents to be added to the open PDF at the requested location.

When you select to Export a TOC, clicking OK causes the Table of Contents (modified or not) to be saved to a new PDF file that you can name and save.