Measure perimeter of a polygon or connected lines

  1. Measure icon Select the Measure tools at Edit > Tools > Measuring and then select the Perimeter tool in the drop-down.

    The Perimeter Tool floating window appears.

  2. Optionally, update settings (such as measurement units, scale ratio, and snap) as preferred in the Perimeter Tool floating window.
  3. Select the starting corner of the polygon and click on it as close you can (release the mouse button when clicked).

    Power PDF displays a measurement polygon with the perimeter with two decimal points precision.

  4. Go around following the polygon precisely and click on each corner.

    • Perimeter is also displayed in the Perimeter Tool floating window, even if the polygon is not closed. This way you can calculate the total length of a set of connected lines forming an open shape.

    • When drawing a polygon, no crossing lines are allowed.

    • Select Complete Measurement in the context menu to discontinue the measurement process. In this case, the Perimeter Tool floating window preserves the values of the last measurement.

  5. Finally, click on the starting corner to close the polygon or double click to close it automatically when adding the last corner.
  6. Click on the View tab of the Perimeter Tool floating window and read measurement values and cursor location.