Form preferences

To set preferences for form display and filling, select File > Options > Forms.

  • Automatically calculate field values: Automatically update mathematical operations assigned to form fields, if they exist in an active PDF file you open in the program.

  • Display focus rectangle: See which form field currently has the focus during form filling.

  • Highlight Form fields: Set highlight preferences for form fields. The following options are available:

    • Show hover text for fields on cursor entry: Display or hide hover text for a form field being filled. To specify hover text for a form field, use the Properties dialog box. The text might be the field name or filling instructions.

    • Field highlight color: Specify a background color for form fields when highlighting is ON.

    • Required field border color: Set a separate field border color for required form fields.

  • Auto-Complete: Automatically complete entries typed during form filling by matching them with previous entries. This means frequently used names, addresses and numbers can be selected, not typed. Enable or disable the memory for numerical items. You can edit the memory list.