Tags from Word

Kofax Power PDF Create can generate tagged PDF files from your Microsoft Word documents. Tagged PDF files contain metadata to describe the document structure and the logical or reading order of different document elements (such as pictures, text blocks, columns, titles) to assist screen readers.

Creation Settings In Word, on the Kofax PDF tab, click Creation Settings to open the Kofax PDF Settings for Word dialog box. The following settings are available on the Tags tab.

Create accessible document when PDF/A is selected in Advanced Settings
Select this check box to provide accessible content for visually impaired persons.
Make tagged PDF
Select this check box to generate tagged PDF output.
Tag inline shape objects
Select this check box to have inline shapes (clip art or flowcharts with text flowing around them) included in the tag structure.
Tag text boxes
Select this check box to tag text boxes.
Tag shape objects
Select this check box to tag shape objects.

The tagging algorithm analyzes the content of the Word document to determine the tag structure of the output PDF file. The types of document elements that are tagged include:

  • Paragraphs

  • Tables

  • Table column headers

  • Table data cells

  • Numbered lists

  • Bullet lists

  • Images and clip art (tagging transfers their alternate text to the PDF)

Note You cannot create tagged PDF files using the Print command on the File menu.

Kofax Power PDF can add tags to PDF files acquired from other sources.