Search in the active document

When searching in the current document, use the Search panel.

  1. Search icon Select Home > Search > Search, and then select Search Current in the drop-down list to display the Search panel.

    Note Use the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut for quick access.

    The Search panel appears on the right.

  2. Click the gear icon Gear icon next to the text box to access search settings and set them as you prefer. See Search panel for details.
  3. Optionally, click the arrow near the right side of the box to view the list of previous search terms. Select any item and press Enter to start the search.

    Tip Select Remove recent items to clear the list.

  4. In the Search box, type in your search phrase and press Enter.

    The result list displays on the panel.

    An x button appears in the Search box, next to the arrow.

  5. Click an item to display the page with the search result highlighted.

To restart the search, click the x button in the Search box.

Note Use the Search Multiple command to perform a search with advanced options.