PDF Create Profiles

Profiles contain a set of PDF properties. Use the PDF Create Profiles dialog box to create new profiles, or modify and delete existing profiles.

The PDF Create Profiles panel appears if you:

  • Click the Profiles button in the PDF Create Assistant.
  • Right-click the application icon in the Windows taskbar notification area and select Edit PDF Create Profiles.

  • Right-click an input file in File Explorer, select Create PDF from File, and then click Edit from the submenu.

The existing profiles are displayed in this panel on the left. The list may include predefined profiles and those you created. Click any profile on the left to display its parameters on the right. You can edit the following parameters:

  • Compatible with: Select the PDF version. For details, see About PDF Versions.
  • Optimize for Web Viewing: Select this check box to produce Linearized PDF, which is suited for online reading. For details on different PDF standards, see About PDF Versions.
  • Font Embed: Select which fonts to embed into the PDF document. Click Advanced on the right to start the Embed Font Controls dialog box, where you may customize the Font Embed profiles.
  • Compression: Use quality profiles to assign compression methods and levels to color depths (color, grayscale or monochrome). Select the compression quality that best fits your needs. Click Advanced to start the Compression Controls dialog box, where you may customize Compression Control profiles.
  • Security: Select any security restriction profile, or click Advanced to start the Security Controls dialog box to customize profiles.
  • Watermark: Select from the predefined watermark profiles, or click Advanced to edit these profiles or build your own. If any watermark profile is selected, you may set the following:
    • Opacity: Specify opacity percentage, edit the value or use the slider on the right.
    • First Page Only: Select this check box if you do not want to watermark the entire document.
    • As Background: Select this check box to bring the content to the front and apply the watermark behind the content.
  • Document settings: Select this check box to enable its Edit button. Click Edit to start the Document Settings window and set Power PDF opening options (navigation panel, page layout, initial page to display, and more) and basic document properties (such as the title or author).
  • Tag PDF: Select this check box to apply tagging in the PDF, providing structural information for the content (such as reading order).
  • Grayscale: Select this check box to produce grayscale output.
  • MRC: Select this check box to use MRC compression. See Searchable MRC PDF Conversion Settings for details.
  • Searchable: Select this check box to convert to searchable PDF and enable its Settings button. Click Settings to start the Searchable PDF Conversion Settings dialog box, to set OCR parameters such as OCR Language or Reject character. See Searchable PDF Conversion Settings for details.

Use the command buttons available at the bottom of the dialog box:

  • Click New to create your own profiles.
  • Click Delete to delete a selected profile. Deleted custom profiles cannot be restored.
  • Click Default to restore all profiles to their original settings.
Note Profiles must be used in PDF Create Assistant. They are available when creating PDF files from Windows File Explorer. They are not available when creating PDF files from Print dialog boxes; in that case, the settings must be applied individually.