Overlay Settings

The Overlay option lets you easily add a company logo or other fixed item to every page of PDF files you create. You can also place artwork or other fixed items onto just the first page of your PDF files, together with items that change from file to file.

Two options are available to define how PDF document pages are overlaid:

  • Overlay Options panel

  • Overlay dialog box

Overlay Options panel

Select Overlay files as one PDF document from the Assemble selection box in Create Assistant. The Option button becomes available if this item is selected. Click this button to display the Overlay panel where you can define how pages should be overlaid.

Overlay Position icon

Click one of the nine squares. The default position is Page Center.

Overlay dialog box

Select Overlay with existing file in the If File Exists selection box on the PDF Settings panel in the Kofax PDF Create Properties dialog box.

The newly created PDF is overlaid with the existing file. Click the Overlay button to control how the overlay is performed. Use the Overlay dialog box to define the merge rules and other options.