Setting page display

Scroll options

Select a display style from View > Page View > Scroll Options.

Scroll options icon Open the drop-down list and select one of the commands below.

Single Page

This display one page in the Document Panel at a time.


This displays the pages one below the other with a scroll bar to move between them.


This displays two pages side-by-side in the Document Panel.


This displays side-by-side page pairs, one below the other. For longer documents, the first page is placed on the right, so that left and right pages all display correctly.

Show Cover Page in Facing View

When Facing is selected, and this option is checked, then the first page of the document is displayed alone, but the rest of the pages are displayed in pairs.

Important In Single Page mode, the Edit > Select All command selects all text on the current page. In Continuous, Facing, Continuous-Facing and Document Assembly modes, all text in the entire PDF document is selected.

View bar controls

The View bar is located at the base of the program window, and has the following navigation and zoom controls:

  • Rotate left icon Rotates page view left.

  • Rotate right icon Rotates page view right.

  • Page navigation icons Standard page navigation arrows, moving to the first page, previous page, next page or last page.

  • Numeric page number box.

  • Zoom out icon Zoom out.

  • Zoom out icon Zoom in.

  • Zoom ratio box Click the arrow to select zoom ratio from the list of presets, or edit the value directly.

The View bar also offers three most useful viewing choices that combine scrolling options with fit options. These tools appear to the right of the zoom controls:

Fit Page icon Fit Page: Display one page at a time (Single Page) and fit each page into the Document panel, so all contents remain visible without scrolling. If the Document panel is resized, or you move to a different-sized page, the image is resized accordingly.

Fit Width icon Fit Width: Display pages one below the other (Continuous) and fit the width of all pages into the Document panel, so contents remain visible without horizontal scrolling. If the Document panel is resized, the image is resized accordingly. The widest page in each document determines the magnification.

Full Screen icon Full Screen: Display each page in the full screen area, which is typically selected for presentations. Use the bottom right toolbar to move to the next or previous page, or return from Full Screen view (also achieved by pressing Escape or Ctrl+L).

Document Assembly

Document Assembly icon Use the Document Assembly tool at Home > Pages to display more pages, making it easier to perform page operations or move, insert, extract and copy pages or selected objects or text blocks to other pages in the same or other documents. See Document Assembly for details. Click the same tool again to exit Document Assembly mode and return to the previous viewing mode set under View > Scroll Options.

When this tool is selected, two more tools appear:

  • Renumber Pages icon Renumber Pages: Update automatic numbering in a header / footer to reflect changes made in Document Assembly mode. This tool becomes active only if the current PDF has page numbering set in a header or footer.

  • Page Assembly icon Page Assembly: View and insert pages from one or more documents, with conversion to PDF as necessary.