Watched Folders and Scan Inboxes

To automate the conversion of incoming scanned pages or different file types into PDF, you can set up a Watched Folder or a Scan Inbox. Both are available only in Power PDF Advanced. Only one Scan Inbox and one Watched Folder can be specified. The folders can be at any level in the file structure that you can access from your computer.

A watched folder can take input from a wide range of file types and almost immediately converts them to PDF. By contrast, a Scan Inbox accepts only PDF and TIFF files; these can enter the folder from a scanner or by file transfer.

The Watched Folder dialog box lets you define folders, set monitoring rules and specify conversion settings.

Watched Folder

This folder is monitored by Power PDF Advanced and results are directed to a destination folder you define. Only one destination folder is allowed at a time. It can reference the same folder as the watched folder (not recommended, because PDF files may arrive causing possible naming conflicts). Typically the watched folder would be at a network location and the destination folder on your local computer. Incoming documents can be image files, internet files or editable files from MS Office.

For more information, see Set up a watched folder, and Use a watched folder.

Scan Inbox

To make scanning results automatically available in Power PDF, set up a Scan Inbox. Only one Scan Inbox can function at a time.

A Scan Inbox is a specific type of watched folder: to browse to the scan target folder of your scanning device and identify it as your scan inbox to receive notifications on incoming files. There is no automatic file conversion involved in this functionality. When you access your incoming scans you open them from this dedicated folder or browse this folder from inside Power PDF.

For more information, see Set up a scan inbox, and Use a scan inbox.