Connectors tab

Each connector has its own group on the Connectors tab.

Note Dropbox is no longer directly supported in Power PDF. See About Cloud Connectors for details.

Tip To find tools in other tabs, see Ribbon, tabs and panels or use the Find a Tool function at the top right.

In Power PDF Standard the cloud sites Evernote amd OneDrive are always supported, but Document Management System (DMS) support is not available.

In Power PDF Advanced these connectors must be explicitly selected during installation, or by changing the installation later. To modify connector choices after installation, double-click the program's Setup.exe file and select Change. From the Windows Control Panel the only choice is Uninstall.

The following connectors will always appear, if installed: Evernote, OneDrive, and (in Power PDF Advanced) Microsoft SharePoint. Any other supported DMS systems that have a client component installed on your computer are also available.

The Connectors tab has the following tools if both Evernote and OneDrive connectors are installed:

OneDrive Open icon

Open from OneDrive

Launches the Open OneDrive Document dialog box.

OneDrive Save icon

Save to OneDrive

Saves the active document to OneDrive.

OneDrive Document Properties icon

Document Properties

Displays the OneDrive document properties. This command is active only if the active document is opened from OneDrive.

Evernote Open icon

Evernote Open

Launches the Load from Evernote dialog box.

Evernote Save icon

Evernote Save

Launches the Save to Evernote dialog box.

Evernote Delete icon

Delete access data

Deletes Evernote access data, and you should supply it again when you next log-in.

When a tool to a Connector is first clicked, you are directed to a login screen.

Note Before logging in to OneDrive, a warning appears, then the OneDrive Accounts dialog box appears where you may handle multiple accounts. Click Add Account to add a new personal or professional OneDrive account. Grant access for Power PDFto use OneDrive when Windows asks for your permission.
Provide your user name and password. Then you can load or save files from and to the Connector. You stay logged into that Connector for the duration of your session, and your access data is saved so it can be pre-filled for logging-on in subsequent sessions.

DMS systems beyond SharePoint offer just two tools: Open and Save.

SharePoint has the following tools:

SharePoint Open icon Open
SharePoint Save icon Save
SharePoint Document Properties icon SharePoint Document Properties

Power PDF Advanced provides an interface for interacting with SharePoint; for all other Document Management Systems (DMS), you must use the interface of the applicable DMS.

See also: About Cloud Connectors.