Word Options

The Word Options dialog box offers settings to govern conversions of a Word document to a PDF file when using the PDF Create Export Add-in in Microsoft Word. To display this dialog box, start the Add-in at File > Export > Create Kofax PDF, then click Options in the Save As dialog box.

The Word Options dialog box contains the sections below.

PDF Options

You may set the details of the PDF file.

  • Compatible with: You may select the PDF version in this list, including PDF/A sub-versions for better accessibility.

  • Embed document information: The PDF fie will contain the document metadata provided with the Word source file if this check box is selected.

  • Create Bookmarks using: To add bookmarks to the PDF file, select any of the options below:

    • Headings: The headings of the source Word document are used as Bookmarks in the PDF file.

    • Word Bookmarks: The Bookmarks of the source Word document are transferred to the PDF file.

  • Create Tagged PDF: Select this check box to add metadata that describes the document structure and the order of different document elements.

  • Create PDF/A Level A file: Select this to stick to PDF/A Level A conformance.

  • Compliance with PDF/UA: Select this to make the PDF file compliant with PDF/UA, which provides better accessibility than PDF/A Level A.

Page range

You may select which pages to include in the PDf file:

  • All (default)

  • Selection: Available only there is any text selected in the Word documentum.

  • Current page

  • Pages: If selected, specify the page range to use by providing starting and ending page numbers.

Export what

Select whether to include the markup (such as comments, annotations, and highlights) in the PDF document.