Preferences overview

You can find preferences at the Options command in the File menu. Here is a summary of the groups and choices.


In the Display page, adjust the colors used for document display to make them easier to read for people visually impaired. For details see Document Colors Options.

You can set reading order and page range options for the screen reader in the Speech page.


Note This page is available in Power PDF Advanced only.

  • In the Server Connections page, set a scan Inbox folder to be monitored for images arriving from a scanner, and set the integration with AutoStore or QuickConnect.

  • In the Wached Folder group, set up a watched folder (with or without subfolders) to handle all supported file types or any one of them. All incoming files are converted to PDF (Searchable or Normal) or TIFF (single- or multi-page) and sent to a destination you specify.


Restore comment defaults, set font attributes for text boxes and select behavior for comments (for example, leave note fields blank or insert marked or covered text, set the author). For details see Comment Preferences.


Enable or disable Javascript in the program.


Define a preferred media player for viewing movies, and set choices for subtitles, dubbed audio, captions and descriptions.

New Document

Make font, margin, page size and orientation choices for all new documents on the New Document panel.

In the E-mail Conversion page, set the PDF format and the way handling attachments. These settings are applied when opening an e-mail file (.msg or .eml) directly in Power PDF or when archiving e-mails.


Specify security preferences relating to servers, import or export settings and protect settings files.


Specify signature preferences such as appearance, verification requirements, digital identities, and time stamping.

Read Aloud

Make language and other choices for reading texts aloud. The Read Aloud page provides controls related to Windows text-to-speech settings.

Spell check

Enable on-the-fly spell checking in comment texts, select an underline color and one or more dictionaries to be used.