Create a string and nullable string variable

A string variable is used to hold text value that is used in a process, form and across TotalAgility.

You can also define form display properties to specify the type of control that will be used to represent the variable at runtime in a Create new job or activity forms that are either built or generated dynamically.

  1. Open the process map in which to create the variable.
  2. On the process modeling bar, click Variables and click New.

    The New variable dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter a unique Name for the variable.
    By default, the name of the variable becomes the ID of the variable; however, you can change the ID if needed.
  4. On the Type list, select String or Nullable string. (Default: String)
  5. Optional. To use the variable for process initialization, select Initialization.
  6. You can use either a Static value or Expression for the variable Value.
  7. Configure the Variable display properties.

    Control type

    Select one of the control types:

    • Singleline: Adds a text box for single line fields, such as name. (Default: Singleline)

    • Multiline: Adds a multiline text box, such as customer address.

    • Drop down: You can either select an existing lookup or enter static data for the Data source.

      To enter static data, click , add a Name and click Add. To make it a default value, select Default.

    • Email: Adds a text box control set to Email field type.

    Max number of characters The maximum number of characters allowed to enter in the control selected above.
    Mandatory Specify whether the control is mandatory.

    On generating a Create new job or activity forms for a process that has an initialization variable set with display properties, the configured properties are reflected in the corresponding controls added to the form.

    • This applies to capture and non-MFP forms only.

    • The Control type property does not apply to business rule or custom services as they do not have forms associated with them.