Configure an XML activity

  1. Add an activity to the map.

    By default, the Configuration tab is open in the properties panel of the activity.

  2. Change the default Name of the activity to something meaningful.
  3. On the Type list, select Other > XML.
  4. To add a node, attribute, or XML, ensure that Create is selected for Action type.
    Note To modify or delete the node or attribute, select Update or Delete respectively.
  5. On the XML expression list, do one of the following:
    • Select a variable.

    • Provide a static value.

      1. XPath is the only Expression type available.

      2. In the Source XML box, either select a variable of type XML containing the details of the XML document, or specify the path to the XML document.

      3. In the Namespace bindings box, enter the required namespace bindings.

      4. To specify a schema location, select Use document schema, and select an XML variable or specify the XML schema data in the Location field.

        Note By default, no schema is specified.

  6. Select one of the following for Value.
    • Node

    • Attribute

    • XML

  7. Enter a name for the node/attribute/XML.
  8. On the Value source list, select a dynamic value or provide a static value.
    Note You can use variables of any type for node and attribute values. However, for XML values, only variables of String and XML type can be used.
  9. Save the process map.