Create a custom service

Define your own custom services that can be used to connect to other third party application or provide specific functionality as a reusable component.

See Custom services

Note Before creating a custom service, you must create a custom service group. Create custom service groups that can be used within custom services.

Create a custom service just as you create business process maps. Package the custom service as automatic activities that can be used just like any other automatic activity in a TotalAgility process, business rule and forms.

You can create multiple custom services. Once a custom service is created, you can move and link elements, delete the link between elements, delete elements (except the start node), change the orientation, zoom the process, automatically rearrange the layout and snap to grid.

  1. Navigate to Workflow > Custom services.
    The Custom services page appears.
  2. Click New.
    The new custom service with a version of 0.01 opens in the Design view in a new browser tab. The Start node appears on the canvas.
  3. In the right panel, a default custom service name appears in the Name field. You can change the name for the custom service as required.
  4. Add the following:

    • Activity

      Note You can only add automatic activities.

    • Decision (optional)

    • Annotation (optional)

    • Attachment (optional)

    • End node

  5. Configure the properties.
  6. To link two nodes, drag the arrow connector from one node to another.

    A line appears indicating the connection.

  7. Optional. Model your custom service to add event types for the Start and End node.
  8. Save and release the custom service.
    The custom service appears on the Custom services list page. Only released custom services are available for use.

    You can copy, modify, delete, unlock and Tag a custom service. See Work with custom services. You cannot delete a custom service that is in use.