Web capture control

Use a Web capture control to create, scan and view documents.

Using a Web capture control, you can do the following:

  • Create multi-page documents.

  • Create a new document in a new folder.

  • Create a new document in an existing folder or subfolder.

  • Scan and view a document. Use the document ID to view the document.

  • Specify the type of a newly created document or folder.

  • Add new pages to an existing document.

    Note The control lets you add new pages to an existing document but does not let you replace the document.

  • View all the pages of a newly created or existing document.

  • Delete pages that have been incorrectly scanned.

  • Selectively hide specific buttons at design time and only display the selected ones at runtime.

  • Undock the image or document viewer from the main form and display in a separate browser window so that it can be viewed on a second monitor.

  • Permanently alter the image, so that you are able to remove sensitive information that should not reside in your database.

  • Add sticky notes.

Note The Web capture control is not supported on touch enhanced phone and tablet forms.

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