Add field groups to a document type

Add a field group and assign access to resources.

  1. Navigate to Capture > Extraction groups.

    The Extraction group page appears.

  2. Open the extraction group.
  3. Select a document type for which to add a field group and click Field group on the Design bar.

    Alternatively, click adjacent to the Document type.

    By default, TotalAgility adds Field Group 1 to the selected document type. Double-click Field Group 1 to rename.

  4. To configure the field group properties, click the General tab.


    Enter a name for the field group.

    You can also double click the field group to edit the name.

    Resource access

    Add the required group or individual that can access this field group at runtime.

  5. Add multiple field groups to the document type as needed and configure the field group properties.

    You can search for a specific field group in the extraction group tree.

  6. To delete a field group, click for the field group to delete.

    On confirmation, the field group and all the associated fields are deleted.

  7. To mask the words associated with fields that belong to the field group, select Mask hidden field's image location.

    Note Masking loses effectiveness when users have the ability to change the document type.

  8. Add fields to the field group. See Add fields to a field group in a document type for more information.

    You can undo or redo the changes in a field group using or on the Design bar.

  9. Save or release the extraction group.
    Note Document types include a pre-installed System field group. The System field group is only visible when consuming document type fields in TotalAgility Designer. It is not visible when maintaining document types.