KCM compose activity

Use the KCM compose activity to automatically generate and distribute communication documents to the user as part of the process flow.

These documents are based on the templates defined in the Kofax Communication Manager (KCM). The template type can be a document template or a set of templates available within the document pack. You can add additional documents to a document pack if the document pack contains Import slots (as defined in the KCM). These documents become part of the pack and can be reviewed or distributed along with the rest of the contents of the document pack.

The KCM compose activity allows you to compose and distribute documents.

The supported distribution mechanisms are print, email, portal, SignDoc or output management.

Output management allows you to distribute each document pack based on the centralized rules that can be configured in the KCM Rules engine. These rules can be due to legal requirements, corporate policies or customer preference.

For example, if you are sending an insurance policy in Netherlands, and according to the legal requirement the policy needs to be delivered to the customer, then the Portal could be a possible delivery channel for any document pack that contains a policy, and those would have to be delivered through e-mail or print.

Note As the KCM Rules engine is available in KCM 5.1.1, we recommend that you use KCM 5.1.1 if you wish to distribute using output management in TotalAgility.

See Configure a KCM Compose activity.