Example - Applying dynamic filters on a Tile control

The following example illustrates applying dynamic filter on a Tile control to filter the query to get the count.

  1. Create two business processes, Process 1 and Process 2.
  2. Create one activity each for both the processes: Activity 1, Activity 2.
  3. Navigate to Workspace and create two jobs for both the activities. Refer to the Create a job topic in TotalAgility Workspace help.
  4. Create a form <Form1> and add a Tile control to it and configure it as follows:
    • Session ID: Session _ID (Global variable)

    • Query: All Activities (Work queue query)

    • Title: Work queue

  5. Add Update control properties action to the form. See Update control properties action.
    1. Map the Tile control in the Control field and add the following properties:
      1. DynamicFilterField: 5 (numeric value that corresponds to a search field within a job/work queue/system query.) See Enumerations.

      2. DynamicFilterValue: Activity1
    2. Click Add.
  6. Associate the Update control properties action to the Clicked event of the Tile control.
  7. Release the form.
  8. View this form (Form1) at runtime. Initially the tile control shows four activities on the Tile, because it shows the total number of activities in the work queue.
  9. Click on the tile.

    The query filters the values on the activity names. The update control properties action is fired and displays the number of activities in Activity 1, that is 2.