Use a Checklist

The following example illustrates the use of a checklist control within a TotalAgility form. In a Review Process, a writer creates a document and a reviewer reviews it.

  1. Create a process map with the following details.
    Item Description

    Process name

    Review Process

    Add three activities.

    • Write - Ordinary activity

    • Ready for review - Other>Ready for review activity

    • Review - Ordinary activity

    Create a process variable.

    Note Ensure that the required checklist template is already created.
    See Create a checklist template.

    • Checklist of Checklist type

    • Job ID of System type

    Assign variables to activities.

    • Write: Checklist variable as output variable.

    • Ready for review: Job ID mapped to Job ID and Checklist variable as selected variable.

    • Review: Checklist variable as input and output variable.

    Checklist control

  2. Release the process map.
  3. Build an Activity form using the Review Process map.
  4. Log on to Workspace and perform the following steps:
    1. Create a job on the Review process.
    2. Go to Work queue.
      The Write activity is available in the Activity list.
    3. Click the Write activity.

      The Write activity page appears.

      Note A checklist that uses the checklist control appears.

    4. Select the check box for the documents to review and click Complete.
      The Ready for review activity appears in the Activity list.
    5. Click the Ready for Review activity.
      The Ready for Review page appears. The checklist variable is updated and the state is set to ready for review.
    6. Click Complete.

      The Review activity appears in the Activity list. The checklist reappears. However, only two columns are displayed because the checklist variable passed into the checklist control, identified that it has been set as ready for review. The first column displays the previous values and is unavailable, and the second column displays the new editable column.

      Note The checklist control uses the XML contained in the checklist and updates this in an appropriate format.
    7. Click Complete.

      The reviewer completes the checklist.