Properties of a Chart control

Use the following tabs to configure the properties of a Chart control.


Name Description


The type of the control.


A unique name for the chart.

Security token

Makes the information in the form secure. See Security tokens.


Makes the control visible at runtime.

Session ID

Global or form variable or form control that is used as session ID.


Name Description


The title for the chart.


The query that uses the chart control at runtime. Available options: Workqueue query, Job query, System query.

Group by

Groups the results returned from the query by selected field. For example, by Activity name or Machine name.

Note This option is only displayed once a query is selected.

Number of segments

The maximum number of segments (slices/bars/columns) displayed in the chart.

Refresh interval

The interval at which the chart refreshes automatically. A value of 0 implies that the content is not refreshed automatically.

Chart type

The type of chart: Bar, Pie, or Column. (Default: Pie)

  • The Inner padding, Legend position, Show legend and Show pie with donut options are only available for a Pie chart.

  • The Show label and Label length options are only available for Bar and Column charts.


The space around the control (chart and legend). (Default: 0 for Top, Bottom, Left and Right)

Inner padding

The amount of padding applied to the inner chart excluding the legend. (Default: 5%)

Note If you are importing or upgrading a form from 7.8 or previous versions, the default value for inner padding is reset to 5%.

Legend position

The position of the legend: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.

Show legend

If selected, displays the legend for the chart. (Default: Selected)

Show pie with donut

If selected, displays the pie chart with a donut hole. (Default: Selected)

Show label

If selected, displays the label text for the chart.

Label length

The length of the label. (Default: 20)

Note You can dynamically get or set the properties of the chart control using the following properties. When you configure an action such as Update control properties or Same page for the chart control the following properties are available:

  • QueryID

  • GroupByField (get only)

  • GroupByWorkTypeField

  • QueryType

  • TotalReturned (get only)

  • ClickedSegmentTitle

  • ClickedSegmentCount

When you execute a form at runtime the properties of the control are updated as configured. For example, if you dynamically update the QueryID and GroupByField for the Update control properties action, the content in the chart control is updated accordingly.

Additional information about Chart control

When you upgrade TotalAgility from 7.6.0 or previous versions or import a form or packages with charts from 7.6.0 or previous versions, then the default values for the following properties are reset as shown below.

Properties Default value
Show legend


Show label


Label length



  • For Pie chart
    • Padding: 0,0,10,0 and Legend position: Top or Bottom

    • Padding: 0,10, 150, 10 and Legend position: Left or Right (Non-touch form)

    • Padding: 0,10,140, 10 and Legend position: Left or Right (Touch form)

Note For the other chart types (Bar and Column) the Padding values default to 30, 30, 30, 30.