Add a Create subjob activity with advanced workflow rules

A Create subjob activity with advanced workflow rules is automatically completed when all the subjobs are completed or the conditions of the advanced workflow rules are met.

Important Before setting up a Create subjob activity ensure the following:
  • The process map to be selected as a subjob in Create subjob activity is not synchronous. For example, the Approval process to be used as a subjob process in the Loan Application process is not synchronous. See Design a basic process map.

  • It must have the AWF_USABLE_RESOURCE system variable assigned as an initialization parameter. This system variable automatically assigns the resources assigned to the Create subjob activity to each subjob. The variable then can be used as a dynamic resource allocation variable, as needed in the subjob. See Create process variables.

  1. Add a Create subjob activity to the parent map. See Configure a Create subjob activity.
  2. Click the Resource assignment tab and add the resources for the subjob. See Resource assignment under Activity properties.
    Note When assigning resources to a Create subjob activity by applying rules, you can only apply the concurrent activity assignment or sequential activity assignment option; the non-concurrent activity (single activity access) assignment does not apply to subjobs.

    If the sequential activity assignment is applied, you cannot expand group resources for the Create subjob activities.

  3. To map the Output variables of the subjob, select the process or server variable as Value.
  4. Click Save.