Functional access

A resource with functional access permissions can add or delete users or change the access rights of resources to work on the system depending on the access types

The functional access includes the following access types.

Access type Description


Users with this access type can create a job.


Users with this access type can suspend a job. For example, assign the Suspend permission to a Supervisor resource.


Users with this access type can terminate a job. For example, assign the Terminate permission only to the resource who created the job.


Users with this access type can restart a job.

Place on hold

Users with this access type can place a job on hold. For example, a supervisor may need to put a job on hold in situations where a subordinate resource has to work on a high priority task or is unavailable for a period of time. Any user can reactivate a job that has been placed on hold.


Users with this access type can create custom maps on the current map. For example, unexpected events may occur during the lifecycle of a job that require adding and removing activities, or other process changes while the job is still active. The selected users can dynamically create a new custom map on the current map to include the changes. The System creates a new map version and the active live job automatically uses the new map. See the TotalAgility Workspace help.

Note This option is only available for process and fragment maps, and not for case maps.

To configure the Customize access type for a resource, do the following:

  1. On the Type column, select the access type and click .

  2. Select the resource whom you want to assign access and select Customize.

  3. Click OK.

View job details

Users with this access type can view job properties.

Note To view job properties, ensure Restrict job access is selected in System > System settings > System > General.

Change Scan/VRS profile

Users with this access type can change scan/VRS profiles.

Change separation settings

Users with this access type can change separation settings and assign permissions to a resource or a group of resources to modify the separation settings.

The functional access types are saved per process version. Reverting to a previous version of a map will also revert the access settings. At runtime, the functional access settings for the latest version apply to all jobs of that process.

Note For best practices on functional access, refer to the Set functional access in the Kofax TotalAgility Best Practices Guide.

  1. Click .
  2. Select the resource or group Name for whom to set the functional access.
  3. Select the access Type.
  4. Click Add.