Properties of Label control

Use the following tabs to configure the properties of a Label control.


Name Description


The type of the control.


A unique name for the label.


The supplementary information that displays on hovering the mouse over the label at runtime.

Security token

Makes the information in the form secure. See Security tokens.


Meaningful text that appears at runtime. For example, use Professional Details instead of the default text label1.

Note Label texts are re-initialized every time a document is selected. Therefore, any label value changed by a runtime action is reset to the default value each time you leave and come back to the document.


Makes the control visible at runtime.

Label type

Lets you structure the content on the form at runtime. Available options are:

  • Standard: System defined default option.

  • Heading: Use this option to customize the label. The Heading size can range from 1 to 6, where 1=20px, 2=16px, 3=14px, 4=12px, 5=10px and 6=8px.

    Default: 1

Show time

Displays the time element at runtime if this label is displaying a date value.