A persona provides a way of directing person to a page that is tailored to suit their requirement so that they can accomplish what they need to do quickly.

A forms solution has many types of users who may perform different tasks, solve different problems and search for different information. Use personas to divide your target audience into individual groups of people to cater to different interests and needs, and personalize content for them.

Each persona can be associated with a target landing page. Landing pages are forms that have been designed with a specific user in mind to enable them to directly access information and accomplish tasks efficiently.

TotalAgility provides the following default target landing pages, which can be customized as required:

  • Case worker: Used by a case worker to view the list of assigned cases, irrespective of pending work; or to view a work queue within a case, including work assigned to other people and other case-related content.
  • Task worker: Used by a task worker to view the list of activities that are assigned directly to the user.
  • Administrator: Used by an administrator to view the health of the system, reactivate suspended jobs, log out users, or perform other administrative tasks.
  • Supervisor: Used by a supervisor to see the work of people in their team and the work related to cases involving their teams.

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