Refresh page rendition action

Use the Refresh page rendition action to refresh page renditions on a form and accordingly enable or disable rendition buttons at runtime. This action can be applied on take activity forms, document forms, and folder forms.

  • If you delete the rendition image that is currently displayed, the source image is displayed.

  • If the rendition image already exists as the currently displayed image, the image is refreshed.

  1. On the form modeling bar, click Actions and click New.

    The New action dialog box is displayed.

  2. On the Type list, select Refresh page rendition.
  3. Change the default Name (RefreshPageRenditionAction1) to something meaningful.
  4. Optional. Enter a Description for the action.
  5. Optional. Select Multilingual to configure a unique action for each language separately. See Configure multilingual actions.
  6. Click Add.

    The newly created action appears on the Actions list page.

  7. When the action is called, page renditions for the currently selected document will be refreshed. Associate the action with the control to trigger this action. See Configure actions for form control events. Alternatively to call this action for a form event, associate the action with the form. See Associate an action with a form.