Modeling bar

The modeling bar of a data model includes tabs that help in designing a data model.


Use this tab to view the information about the data model.

  • Info: Displays the basic information of the data model:

    • Last modified by: The resource who last modified the data model.

    • Last modified date: The date and time the data model was last modified.

    • Status: The status of the data model upon save or release, such as New, Saved or Released.

    • Version: The current version of the data model upon save or release.

    • Tags: The tags that are associated with the data model which is saved or released. See Tag an item.

  • Associations: View the data model associations.

  • Version history: The versions, resource who modified each version, and the last modified date of each version of the data model.

  • Save: Save the data model.

  • Release: Release the data model.

  • Close: Close the data model.

  • Close and unlock: Whenever a data model is released, it is locked by default. Use this option to close and automatically unlock the data model


Use this tab to define a data model. See Create a global data model.