Manage a category

You can create, modify and delete categories on the Categories page.

To open the Categories page, navigate to System > Categories. A list of categories provided by TotalAgility appears.

Use the following links to learn how to manage a category:

See also Categories.

Create a category

Create categories to group related items.

  1. On the Categories page, click New.

    The New category dialog box is displayed.

  2. Enter a Name for the category.
  3. Optional. To create a category within an existing category, select a Parent category. (Default: None)
  4. Optional. Enter a Description for the category.
  5. By default, all resources (Everyone) can access categories. To restrict the category access to specific resources, click Add for Category access.

    The Add category access dialog box is displayed.

  6. Add the required groups or individuals and click Done.
  7. Click Save.

    The category is listed on the Categories page. If you have selected a parent category, such as System Category, the new category is added under the parent category. Expand the parent category to view the newly added category.

    You can sort the categories in alphabetical order on name and description.

Modify a category

You can modify a category.

  1. On the Categories page, click the category to modify.

    The Edit category dialog box is displayed.

    Note Alternatively, to display a specific category, enter the name of the category in the Search field and click .
  2. Make the changes as needed.
  3. Click Save.

Delete a category

You can delete a category.

On the Categories page, on the context menu of the category to delete, click Delete. On confirmation, the selected category is deleted.