Get data from stored procedures of a database

  1. On the properties panel of the Data access activity, click Configure.
    The Data access configuration - <Activity name> dialog box is displayed.
  2. On the Database connection list, select the process or server variable to specify the database connection string that holds the details of the relational database.
  3. On the Type list, select Stored procedures.
  4. On the Stored procedures list, select the database procedure to be used in the query. For example, to get the stored procedure for the jobs duration overrun query, select awsp_GetJobsDurationOverrun.
  5. Map the parameters (members / properties) using dynamic or static values.
    Note It is mandatory to specify values for all the columns/parameters.
  6. On the Return result set to, select a variable.
    Note At runtime, the data in the stored procedure is retrieved and appears in the respective columns of the table.
  7. Click OK.