Tag an item

You can tag items so that you can add some text to describe what the item is about and also make the item easier to find.

You can create a new tag or select an existing tag for the following items that are saved or released.

  • Processes (All types)

  • Skins

  • Business rules

  • Forms

  • Form templates

  • Extraction groups

  • Classification groups

  • Folder types

  • Data models

You can also delete the tags.

  1. Navigate to the list page of an item.
  2. On the list of items, click the link for the item to open.

    The item opens in a new browser tab.

  3. Navigate to File > Info.
  4. Do either of the following for Tags:
    Note The Tags option is only available for an item that is saved or released.

    Create a new tag

    1. Click Create new.

      The New tag dialog box appears.

    2. Enter the Tag text.

      • The tag text must be unique across the system with a maximum of 30 characters.

      • A tag is free text and can contain spaces.

    3. Click Save.

      The tag appears in the Tags box.

    Add an existing tag

    1. Click Add.

      The Add dialog box displays the available tags.

    2. Select the tags to add.

      The selected tags appear under Selected items.

      To add all the tags, click Add all.

    3. Additionally, to create new tag and add it to the selected items list, click .

      The New tag dialog box appears.

    4. Enter the Tag text and click Save.

      The tag is added to the tags list and also appear under Selected items.

    5. Click Done.

      All the selected tags appears in the Tags box.

  5. Save or release the item.
    The tag associated with an item is automatically saved against all versions of the item, and the version number of the item does not change on saving or releasing.
    • You can add multiple tags to an item.

    • You cannot rename the tag.

    • To delete a tag, click for the tag to delete.

      When you remove a tag against an item, the tag is automatically removed against all versions of the item. You cannot delete a tag that is already in use.

    • If you open an item that is already been tagged in a read-only mode, you can only view the tags associated with the item but cannot add or delete tags.

    • When you export or import a tag individually or as part of a package, any item that is tagged is automatically exported and imported.
    • If a process is tagged on one server and the tag already exists on the target server the tag is not imported as it already exists.