Export languages

The translation package is created as a compressed (.zip) file that contains the following components stored in resource (resx) files:

  • Selected forms

  • Any existing translated files for the selected forms

  • PackageInfo.xml, which contains the default language name and the list of forms and supported languages

Note The .resx file format stores information as XML entries, which specify objects and strings inside XML tags.

  1. Navigate to Export.
  2. On the Export list, select Language.
  3. To select the languages to include in the translation package, click Add for Languages to export.

    The Add languages to export dialog box is displayed.

  4. Select the required languages and click Done.
    The selected items appear in the Languages to export box.
  5. To add the files, click Add for Files to export.
    The Add files to export dialog box is displayed.
  6. Select the processes, cases, case fragments, skins, work types, forms, navigation and entities from the respective tabs as needed, and click Done.
    The selected items appear in the Files to export box.
    Note For each selected language, .resx files are created for the selected process.
  7. Optional. Select to export Global variables associated with selected forms, and SLA and Page renditions associated with selected processes.
  8. Click Export.
    A message prompts you to confirm saving the exported languages to a ZIP file.
  9. Click Yes.
    The translation languages package is downloaded.