Create a process trigger

Create duration or budget triggers to actively manage your Service Level Agreements.

  1. In the properties panel of the process, on the Time and cost tab, under Duration/Budget triggers, click for Triggers.
  2. Specify when to create a job on process to execute the trigger.
    • When the certain percentage of Budget is spent. For example, execute the trigger when 80% of your budget is spent. To execute another trigger when you have overspent the budget by 20%, set the trigger at 120% of budget.
      Note Before setting up a trigger for budget escalation, you must first allocate an estimated budget to your business process (Process properties>Time and cost>Budget); otherwise, you cannot create a budget trigger.
    • Before or after the expected finish time in days, hours, minutes and /or seconds. To fire the trigger before the target duration, select Before (-) or to fire the trigger after the target duration, select After (+).
  3. On the Process list, do either of the following to trigger the process.

    Note You can only use a Business Process type map for duration trigger; you cannot use a Case or a Case fragment type.

    • Select a process.

    • Create a new process:

      1. Click the Create new process link.

        The Create new process dialog box is displayed.

      2. Provide a Process name and click OK.

        The process name appears in the Process box.

      3. Click Add.

        The process map is created with the correct initialization parameters, that is with the duration or budget for the process.

        A synchronization node is created within the process.

        The newly created process is assigned to the selected trigger and is listed in the Process table in the Properties panel.

  4. Click Save.
    The process trigger is created.