Create an external resource

  1. Navigate to Resources > External resources.
  2. Click New.
    The New external resource dialog box is displayed.
    Note The system populates few properties with default values. You can change the values for those properties to suit your configuration.
  3. Configure the properties of an external resource. See Properties of an external resource.
  4. Click Save.

Properties of an external resource

Use the following tabs to configure the properties of an external resource.


Full name

The display name for the resource.


The password for the resource for accessing the system.

  • If a password format is specified, the password should adhere to the specified format. For example, a password may require a minimum of 8 characters that include at least 1 alphabet, 1 numeric and 1 special character.
  • On Windows, the Microsoft Virtual keyboard is disabled when using a text box in password mode.

Confirm password

Password confirmation.

Email address

Email address of the resource.

Note If you create a resource without an active email ID, and if the Unique Email Enforcement option is selected in the System Settings module, an error occurs.

Phone number

The contact number of the resource.

Note A phone number cannot have more than 30 characters.


The category to which the resource belongs.

By default, a new resource is assigned to the working category.