Search for documents in a Content Manager system

An out-of-the-box document search form used to search for documents in a Content Manager system is available in the TotalAgility.

See Micro Focus Content Manager

The Document Search form helps you search, retrieve, and view a file located in a Content Manager system, which may be part of your business process. File types stored in a Content Manager system can range from Microsoft Office and PDF documents to scanned documents in a standard image format.

Search and retrieve documents based on the following criteria:

  • Search parameters, such as title, author, or type of the document; a word or phrase in the document

  • Date range

  • Metadata values

Only the documents for which the user has access privileges appear in the list. Other documents do not appear in the search results.

Access the Document Search form from the Workspace by associating the form with the Workspace navigation menu.

  1. Navigate to Document search page.

    The Content Manager Search page appears.

  2. Select the Content Manager server from where to search for documents, such as CM Server 1.
    Note By default, a Content Manager server is selected on the list.
  3. In the Fileplan shortcut, enter the shortcut for the file plan.
    Note By default, a file plan shortcut available in the selected Content Manager server appears in the box.
  4. In the Folder path box, do the following:
    • Enter the folder name, and optionally enter the subfolder name using the backslash (\ ) under a folder. All documents in the specified folder and subfolder are retrieved in the search results. If you do not specify folders or subfolders, only the documents available in the selected file plan shortcut are retrieved in the search results; documents in the folders and subfolders are ignored.
    • If multiple folders have the same name in the Content Manager system, enter the Content Manager record number for the folder in the Folder Path box. All documents in the specified folder are retrieved in the search results. If you do not specify the folder record number, the folder with the smallest record number appears in the search result.
  5. To filter and retrieve documents based on search parameters, configure the following in the Search parameters group:
    1. Enter the Title, Author, Type and contains.

      Note Type and contains accept wild cards.

    2. Enter the date range within which the documents fall and for which to search.
  6. To search documents matching metadata values, configure the following in the Metadata group:
    1. On the Data field list, select the field.
    2. Enter the Value to use.
    3. Click Create. The data field and field value are added to the metadata table.
    4. Define more metadata values, as required.

    To work with existing metadata:

    • To change a value, select the data field in the metadata table, edit the value, and click Update. The new value is updated in the Metadata table.
    • To reset a value, click the Reset button.

  7. Click Search.

    A list of all the documents matching the search criteria appears.

    The details, such as document number, title, creation date, name and file type appear for each document.

  8. To view a file, select the document and click View document.

    The document opens in a new browser window.