Configure OAuth 2.0 server using Client credentials grant type

The Client credentials grant type is suitable for cases where the client application needs to access resources or call functions in the resource server, which are not related to a specific resource owner.

The client can request an access token using only its client credentials, which means the client requests access to the protected resources under its control, or those of another resource owner that have previously engaged with the authorization server.

  1. Navigate to Integration > OAuth 2.0 servers.

    The OAuth 2.0 servers page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The New OAuth 2.0 server configuration dialog box is displayed. By default, the General tab is open.

  3. Configure the following properties

    General properties


    A globally unique name for the OAuth 2.0 server.

    The name can have a maximum of 50 characters.


    By default, the system automatically saves a new OAuth server in your working category. To store it in a different category, select a category.

    Grant type

    Client credentials.

    Authentication method

    Specify the authentication methods to add additional security to an authorization grant. Following methods are available:

    See Authentication methods for description of fields specific to an authentication method.
    Client ID

    An ID to identify the client. The ID must be an alphanumeric string.

    Client secret

    The secret string the client uses.

    Access token URL

    The URL to get an access token.


    The scope to restrict access to specified areas.

    Note The value of the scope must be defined as a list of space-delimited and case-sensitive strings.

    Additional properties

    Access token request

    You can exclude the scope when sending the access token request by clearing Include scope: (Default: selected)

    Maximum retry attempts

    The maximum number of retry attempts to acquire access token. (Default:3)

    Maximum wait duration

    The maximum wait duration to acquire access token. (Default:1 minute)

    Query parameters

    The query parameters (if any) required by the authorization server. To add query parameters:

    1. Click .

    2. Provide a Name and Value.

    3. Click Add.

    Post parameters

    The post parameters (if any) required by the authorization server. To add post parameters:

    1. Click .

    2. Provide a Name and Value.

    3. Click Add.

  4. Click Save to save the authorization.

    • If the token generation fails, an error message is displayed; however, the configuration details are saved for reuse.

    • When you edit an OAuth 2.0 server that has already been authorized you need to authorize again.