Script activities

The Script activities are used whenever expression, .Net and Web services are not appropriate.

They remain in the product for legacy reasons. We hope that the newer features of the product will help to reduce the need for any custom code. Until then provide the mechanisms to write code within the process.

This group includes the following automatic activities:

For a script to work in your process, assign process variables as input and output to the script activities.

  • To retrieve (get) the value of a process variable for use within a script, add the variable as input to the activity.
  • To change (set) the value of a process variable within a script, add the variable as output to the activity.

Important When configuring a script, you can manually enter variables, such as ([Firstname]) or select a variable by right-clicking on the rule editor, such as S1 (Process variable). Selecting the variable is only a shortcut to inserting the variable ID without the need of manually typing it. For the script to be valid, you must insert quotes around the variable. For example, ["Firstname"] or ["S1 (Process variable)"].