Create a checklist template

  1. Navigate to System data > Checklist templates.

    The Checklist templates page appears.

  2. Click New.

    The New checklist template dialog box is displayed.

  3. Enter a Name for the checklist template.
  4. Enter the Display name for the checklist template, such as Scan Document.
  5. Select a Category for the checklist template.
  6. Optional. Enter a Description for the checklist template.
  7. Click Add for Checklist items.

    The Add dialog box is displayed.

  8. Add the checklist items as needed and click Done.
  9. To configure possible responses for each checklist item and define the columns to display, perform the following steps:
    1. Click for Responses.
    2. Enter a Name and Description for the response.
    3. Click Add.
      Note At runtime, each possible response appears in a separate column next to the checklist item.
  10. Click Save.

    The checklist template appears on the Checklist templates page. You can sort the checklist templates in alphabetical order on the name and description.